Construction on one of the many fish passage design and engineering projects we have worked on has started. 

As seen in the video found here, the dam removal at the Saccarappa Dam on the Presumpscott River in Maine has people in the area excited. 

This removal project is the result of the planned decommissioning of the Saccarappa hydroelectric project and the need to modernize fish passage in the location. 

One of our engineers, Ben Mater, provided CFD modeling to help guide the engineering of two channels that will allow herring and shad to pass upstream at the upper falls (which can be seen in background of the video).  We also assisted with the design of a Denil ladder that fish will use to get above the lower falls (foreground of video).

This rendering shows what the proposed design for the two river channels at the upper falls will look like.


In the bottom right of the image you can see the double denil fish ladder that will provide access past the lower falls.

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