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    When we all need to think of the long-term environmental outcomes for future generations, Verdantas is driven simply by one passion – To help build a better world.
  • Hull & Associates is now Verdantas

    Peer recognized excellence brought to Verdantas from Hull with strengths in the environment, energy, and infrastructure markets.

  • Duffield Associates is now Verdantas

    Diverse services in civil, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, water/wastewater engineering, and materials testing added to Verdantas capabilities.

  • HSW Consulting is now Verdantas

    Offering a proactive, programmatic view of environmental assessment and remediation, waste and resource management, environmental protection and cleanup, as well as regulatory partnering to the Verdantas capabilities. 

  • GeoInsight is now Verdantas

    Bringing focus to navigating the complexities of environmental and engineering projects and the intricacies of applicable regulations to help Verdantas’ clients meet their project goals.

  • Alden is now part of Verdantas

    The oldest continuously operating hydraulic lab in North America

    127 years of history of high-end Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and fluid flow modeling, best in class physical modeling, field measurements and precision flow meter calibrations with extensive experience in the modeling and permitting of hydroelectric dams, nuclear facilities and coastal and riverine modeling and environmental compliance projects.

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I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Verdantas – whose singular mission is to create a better world for ourselves and future generations. Verdantas was created by merging 5 companies – Alden Research Laboratory, Duffield Associates, GeoInsight, HSW Consulting and Hull & Associates into One Great Company. Led by a group of engineers, planners, scientists, and technology experts with shared values, cultures and...

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The BDM Warren Steel property is an approximately 1,200-acre brownfield that hosted steel-making operations beginning around 1912. 

This property changed ownership and names multiple times over the years and was known as Republic Steel Corporation, LTV Steel Company, WCI Steel, RG Steel, and BDM Steel.  Steel production at the mill has ceased and BDM demolished most of the buildings.  Verdantas was engaged to provide guidance and services in support of the site cleanup, restoration and permitting which occurred in multiple phases and is currently still in progress.

BDM invested private capital to demolish vertical structures, demolish building foundations and slabs.  They then recycled concrete for beneficial on-site reuse, and several thousand tons of steel was recycled.  Verdantas provided the oversite and guidance for the regulatory and permitting aspect of the project and completed the Phase I and Phase II Property Assessments and the Property Assessment Work Plans.  We also entered the site into the Ohio VAP (Voluntary Action Program) and MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) track.  The project was executed with the construction and remediation activities from the perspective of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Verdantas also oversaw beneficial use and surface water impoundments closures in accordance with an approved Closure Plan that follows Ohio EPA Closure Plan Review Guidance for RCRA Facilities.  The related materials were reused in accordance with an Integrated Alternative Waste Management Plan (IAWMP).  These alternative management approaches to both the liquids and semi-solid materials located in the ponds resulted in the savings of over $5 million.

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Environmental Assessment & Remediation
BDM Warren Steel Site

Site assessment and remediation for 1,200-acre brownfield site

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The Master Plan for the Lower Schuylkill River District is a blueprint for sustainable redevelopment of the industrial corridor along the east and west banks of the Lower Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. This public-private initiative was led by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, with funding from the William Penn Foundation, the City of Philadelphia, and EPA Brownfield Grants.

“Bartram’s Mile,” a keystone of the Master Plan, is one mile of river frontage along the western banks of the Tidal Schuylkill between Grays Ferry Avenue and 58th Street. This portion of the Schuylkill River was cut off from public access for decades, thus representing an opportunity to not only link to Bartram’s Garden, the Schuylkill River Trail, and the 58th Street Greenway, but also add two new parks to be community assets for years to come.

Verdantas was the lead environmental consultant to the PIDC and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation in support of the Master Plan; specifically, the remedial design and cleanup oversight of two targeted Brownfield properties that flank Bartram’s Gardens to the north and south. These EPA Brownfield sites, Bartram North and Bartram South, are former bulk oil terminals that received product by barge and rail and stored millions of gallons of oil on-site. Soils and groundwater at these sites were significantly impacted by petroleum. With Verdantas' oversight, both sites have since received Act 2 liability protection for environmental conditions. In addition to environmental consulting services, Verdantas provided geotechnical, structural, and civil engineering services in connection with stormwater management, the assessment of the structural stability of an on-site dock, construction of a shade structure at Bartram South, and a FEMA floodplain analysis. Bartram’s Mile opened in April 2017 providing the community a space for walking, biking, running and bird watching.

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Environmental Assessment & Remediation | Civil Infrastructure
Bartram’s Mile

Environmental, geotechnical, structural and civil engineering for Bartram's Mile.

{id=62145707684, createdAt=1639756623160, updatedAt=1640875623166, path='millsboro-asset-management-plan', name='Millsboro Asset Management Plan', 1='{type=string, value=Millsboro Asset Management Plan}', 33='{type=number, value=0}', 34='{type=list, value=[{id=9, name='Applied Data & Technology', order=3}, {id=10, name='Civil Infrastructure', order=4}]}', 35='{type=string, value=asset management program (AMP)}', 4='{type=string, value=Developed an Asset Management Plan for Millsboro's water and wastewater system assets.}', 36='{type=string, value=Town of Millsboro}', 37='{type=list, value=[{id=75, name='GIS', order=26}, {id=90, name='Water & Wastewater Design', order=41}]}', 8='{type=string, value=

As a part of its water and wastewater infrastructure asset management program (AMP), The Town of Millsboro converted decades of paper based utility maps and data into digital datasets using GIS technology. Digital infrastructure data was then overlaid with other pertinent datasets, enabling the use of spatial analysis techniques for the development of probability of failure, consequence of failure and risk assessment models. The AMP incorporates these models as tools to help prioritize funding needs. Water and wastewater maps are available from cloud based data services allowing for data viewing and editing on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Applied Data & Technology | Civil Infrastructure
Millsboro Asset Management Plan

Developed an Asset Management Plan for Millsboro's water and wastewater system assets.


New Additions Expand Landscape Architecture Capabilities
New Additions Expand Landscape Architecture Capabilities

The Verdantas platform of companies is excited to announce the addition of Matthew Spong, RLA, ASLA and Trisha Sawicki, ...

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