Andrew E. Johansson, Alden Lab

Andrew E. Johansson

Director of Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting

Andy provides day-to-day supervision of multiple model studies during design, construction, and testing phases. He has used physical and numeric models to investigate a broad range of hydraulics and fluid mechanics problems, and is extremely proficient in interpreting and evaluating modeling results. Andy is also involved with all aspects of data acquisition and instrumentation systems, and maintains constant contact with clients. Upon project completion, he oversees preparation of final reports, presentations and subject papers. Most recently, Andy has been responsible for the successful execution of projects involving intake structures, outlet structures, stilling basins, pump sumps, navigation locks, control gates, spillways, and riverine sediment control.

In addition to managing projects and providing technical oversight for model studies, Andy currently serves as the Chair of the Hydraulic Institute Standards 9.8-2018 Intake Design Committee and actively participates in the Hydraulic Institute Standards 9.6.6-2022 Pump Piping Standards Committee.

Areas of Expertise: Physical and numeric modeling of hydraulic structures and components; computational fluid dynamics modeling support (solids modeling and grid generation); design and development of data acquisition and instrumentation systems; analysis of waste water systems and components, including grit/ sedimentation deposition and mitigation measures; design and analysis of pump intake structures; design and execution of large scale riverine sediment transportation studies; project management.