Ludwig C. Haber

Director of Fluid System Performance

As Director of the Fluid Systems Performance group, Dr. Haber leads experimental and analytical studies that assess and optimize fluid systems. He is closely involved with nuclear power plant projects, GSI-191 sump strainer testing in particular, and has worked to establish Alden as a top tier supplier of flow performance related testing and analysis services, not just for the nuclear industry but a broad range of clients including government and process industries. A consistent theme in Dr. Haber’s work has been the solution of dynamic flow problems—no matter the project, he focuses on providing the client with efficient engineering answers using the best available tools for the problem at hand whether, experimental, computational or analytical.

Areas of Expertise:  Flow stability; passive and active flow control; experimental and computational modeling of flow systems and their performance optimization; ECCS strainer performance testing and analysis; ultimate heat sink performance analysis; 10CFR50 Appendix B compliant QA programs; hydraulic transient analysis; component qualification test design and execution; civil engineering hydraulics; wave modeling and experimental testing.