Maria Vecchio, Director of Finance at Alden

Maria Vecchio

Director of Finance

As Director of Finance for Alden, Maria Vecchio helps to combine the operational and strategic visions of the company through developing and enforcing accounting procedures and policies that support the company’s long term goals. Risk reduction and promoting new opportunities are primary focus areas for her, as well as compliance with FAR and GAAP. Her day-to-day efforts mean that we continue to grow and make effective decisions to support our ongoing business initiatives.

Maria earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management and a minor in Psychology from Worcester State University. Prior to joining Alden in 2015, she worked as a New Business Development Specialist where she interacted with clients and colleagues and developed and managed forecasts and budgets.

Maria has always been extremely financially aware and focused on returns on investments—this includes experience in real estate investment and property improvements. Maria enjoys kayaking, travel, hiking and attending concerts. She is typically accompanied by her dog Bonzo, a Black Lab and German Shepherd mix.