We have a rich history working with clients and regulators to protect species from cooling water intake and discharge regions of thermal power plants and manufacturing facilities. We rely on a variety of disciplines–-hydraulic model studies, laboratory, and field biological evaluations–- to help develop state-of-the-art fish protection facilities for clients throughout North America. Screening systems can be installed in fresh and brackish water, as well as marine environments, and will perform to specification. Technologies include:

  • Coarse and fine mesh modified traveling screens (Ristroph-type collection screens with fish lifting buckets)
  • Other traveling screens with fish protection features (e.g., Passavant-Geiger Multi-Disc screens)
  • Beaudrey Water Intake Protection (WIP) screens
  • Hydrolox screens
  • Fixed (e.g., cylindrical wedgewire screens)
  • Traveling fish diversion screens
  • Rotary drum screens

In addition, our team has conducted extensive research on the effectiveness of behavioral barriers for preventing fish impingement, including strobe lights, sound deterrent systems, infrasound, air bubble curtains, hanging chains, and water jet barriers. Plus, we are routinely contracted to help plant operators resolve O&M problems related to debris and biofouling, icing, siltation and head loss associated with the installation of fish protection technologies.