With our engineering and experimental expertise across a multitude of industries, we can work with you to design a fluid system or singular component to keep your process running smoothly.

Fluid System Design

Design of a flow delivery system for a process environment, complete with the desired redundancy and robustness to ensure long-term, trouble-free operation, is one service Alden offers. We create designs that can address and mitigate system transients and meet requirements for accurate process control such as flow, pressure, and temperature. We can also implement a control and monitoring system that can communicate and map into your existing information and control infrastructure. Need a complete design, installation, and testing package? We will deploy a team of technicians and engineers to ensure your system design is implemented as intended and commissioned for operation within your schedule and budget.

Fluid Component Design

When an existing or evolving design calls for a unique component due to control, spatial, or performance constraints, Alden can provide that missing element to complete your system. Our team can design custom flow component solutions for pressure dissipation (e.g. single or multi-stage orifice design), filtration (e.g. strainer design), debris handling, and multi-phase valves, as well as address many other unique flow delivery challenges. Together with our manufacturing partners, we can provide you with turn-key services and manage the process from design through to manufacture and delivery—including the necessary quality assurance documentation for even the most demanding applications.