Engineering and Environmental Services For Hydropower Clients Throughout North America

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Since 1894, Alden has been recognized as the preeminent engineering and environmental services provider by hydropower clients throughout North America. Project owners and developers rely on Alden for services such as:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Construction oversight
  • Economic analyses
  • Energy optimization
  • Hydraulic evaluations
  • Due diligence evaluations
  • Modeling
  • Field measurements
  • Environmental studies
  • And a variety of other services related to the operation and relicensing of hydropower facilities

Our clients include small independent power producers and large utilities, and our professional staff are well-respected by state and federal resource agencies involved in hydroelectric development, licensing, and compliance.

Alden has specialized expertise in upstream and downstream fish passage issues at hydroelectric facilities and extensive experience with FERC licensing and compliance, including development of preliminary application documents, license and capacity amendment applications, study plans, and exhibit drawings. Alden scientists and engineers also have an extensive track record of successful agency consultations that have resulted in the best outcomes for our clients with respect to science and fact-based mitigation that minimizes impacts to project operation and economics.

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  • Preliminary Application Document, Study Plan, and License Application Development
  • Upstream and Downstream American Eel Passage
  • Instream Flow Studies
  • Field Services for Hydrographic Surveys and Turbine Performance Testing
  • Turbine and Total Project Downstream Passage Survival
  • Conceptual and Detailed Fish Passage Engineering Design
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Fish Impingement and Turbine Entrainment
  • Fish Passage Feasibility Assessments
  • Acoustic and Radio Telemetry Studies
  • Numeric and Physical Hydraulic Modeling

When I first began working with Alden as a hydropower client, I always thought of them as the "fish people." I quickly learned, however, that they can do so much more and do it extremely well. I’m eager to share that with the people I know and to be part of such well-respected team.

Dan Parker

Hydropower Practice Lead at Alden