Andy Johansson, Alden’s Director of Hydraulic Modeling and Consulting, has been named Chair of the Hydraulic Institute Standards Intake Design Committee (ANSI/HI 9.8). Andy has been active in the Hydraulic Institute for twenty years. Prior to becoming Chair, he served as the committee’s Vice Chair, a position he has held since 2015. In addition to his contributions to the Intake Design Committee, Andy actively participates in the Hydraulic Institute Standards Pump Piping Standards Committee (ANSI/HI 9.6.6).

The Hydraulic Institute Standards and Guidelines are adopted in the public interest and are designed to help eliminate misunderstandings between manufacturers, the purchaser and the user. The standards also assist the purchaser in selecting and obtaining the proper product for a particular need. The Intake Design Standard applies to the design of new intakes as well as the modification of existing designs using rotodynamic pumps. The Committee meets regularly to review, revise, and improve the existing standard for the purpose of meeting the ANSI periodic maintenance requirements. The Committee is also responsible for developing educational materials that are regularly presented through webinars.

Andy feels very fortunate to be able to work with a group of experienced and like-minded industry professionals.

“I’ve seen a lot of intake designs in my career,” Andy says. “Participating in the standards development committees has not only allowed me to share my experiences, it’s given me an opportunity to learn from my industry colleagues, as well. We have used this collective knowledge to evolve the standard in a way that is most beneficial to the industry.”

When asked about his new role, Andy says simply, “I am honored to be selected for the position and am looking forward to working with a group of talented industry professionals in the continued development and improvement of the standard.”


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