Alden is proud to be part of the Testing Expertise and Access for Marine Energy Research TEAMER™ Facility Network. The TEAMER program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and directed by the Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (POET). TEAMER's mission is to accelerate the viability of marine renewables by providing access to the nation’s best facilities and expertise in order to solve challenges, build knowledge, foster innovation and drive commercialization.

The TEAMER Facility Network consists of the top tier of marine energy testing and expertise facilities in the United States. All facilities listed on the TEAMER website have been approved by the TEAMER Technical Board and are able to provide testing or expertise to TEAMER applicants. Facilities are classified into four categories:

  • Numerical Modeling and Expertise
  • Laboratory and Bench Testing
  • Tank, Flume, Tunnel and Basin Testing
  • Open Water Testing and Expertise

Marine energy developers and researchers looking to advance their technologies can elect to use Alden's world-class numerical modeling and analysis, as well as gain access to our wave tank and flume for testing. 

The program expects 2-3 annual open funding calls over each of the next three years. Over this time, TEAMER plans to distribute approximately $9 million through the periodic competitive opportunities known as Requests for Technical Support or RFTSs. The second round of requests, RFTS2, opens on November 9.  

Visit the TEAMER website to learn how to apply. Remember, applicants are required to have consulted with their preferred facilities prior to applying for TEAMER support.  Contact us to see how we may best be able to help you. 

Alden's large test flume located in our Holden, Massachusetts facility is part of the TEAMER qualified network of marine energy facilities where applicants can conduct tank, flume and basin testing.
Alden is also approved to provide numerical modeling and analysis.