Alden will be contributing to two projects announced last month by the U.S. Department of Energy.  The department announced nearly $6.5 million dollars in funding research and development projects to advance low impact hydropower technology.  Alden will be contributing as a vendor to the following two projects, both in the area of rapidly deployable civil works technologies:

Littoral Power Systems Inc.

Working in conjunction with Alden, GZA, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Littoral is developing a proof-of-concept design for integrated modules in an integrated dam section.  Alden will perform CFD and FEA analysis, and test a full-size prototype for structural integrity, leak resistance and ease of installation.

French Development Enterprises LLC

 Collaborating with Alden and Oldcastle Precast, the company will develop a building block-style impoundment technology that uses precast concrete segments and interlocking connectors.  Alden will perform analysis and laboratory testing of a prototype dam.

"Alden is proud to be continuing our 120 year tradition in developing hydropower technology," said Alden President Stuart Cain.  "We are proud to be contributing to these promising ideas."