Verdantas and its leadership team is pleased to announce that Amie Humphrey Facendola, PE has been named Associate Vice President and Alden Area Leader. Amie will be overseeing the laboratory's operations, including financial management and performance, and staff management and development. She takes over for Dr. Stuart Cain, the former President of Alden Research Laboratory. Dr. Cain will refocus his attention on Alden's business development where he will use his extensive knowledge of Alden's expertise to maximize growth and enhance Verdantas' capabilities in order to tackle problems for existing and potential clients. 

Amie has been dedicated to Alden’s success for over 15 years and has demonstrated her commitment in in a variety of roles, including Area Project Delivery Leader and as Fluid Systems Performance Department Leader—a group responsible for executing experimental and analytical studies that assess and optimize fluid systems for a wide range of projects including valve and component testing, past operability and postulated accident and scenarios for the nuclear power industry, and qualification testing for the defense industry, among others. 

Prior to leading the Fluid Systems Performance group, Amie worked as the Quality Assurance Program Manager for 10 years, overseeing two quality assurance (QA) programs at Alden, the nuclear QA program, and the calibration QA program. The nuclear QA program meets the intent and requirements of 10 CFR 21, 10 CFR 50, Appendix B, and the basic requirements of NQA-1. Amie co-wrote and developed this program in-house and oversaw the implementation of the program for physical, numerical, and experimental projects. The program has been successfully audited by NUPIC, NIAC and multiple clients. Amie is also qualified as an NQA-1 Lead Auditor. The calibration QA program complies with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 for testing and calibration laboratories. Amie oversaw the implementation of this program in relation to flow meter calibrations performed onsite.

To continue to grow the company's world-class capabilities, Dr. Cain will be working to expand Alden's expertise through internal and external collaboration. He has a broad understanding of Alden's unique capabilities and has significant technical expertise and project management experience. For 30 years, he has utilized both CFD and physical modeling to solve complex two and three-dimensional fluid flow problems involving civil hydraulic structures, riverine systems, nuclear power plant systems and components, and process gas flow systems. as well as how those capabilities and expertise can be combined and leveraged to tackle problems for existing and potential clients.

Dr. Cain has managed large, multifaceted, projects including safety-related nuclear power plant system modifications involving extensive utility/regulator interface and management. He has written and developed numerous computer codes for studying both internal and external flows and has experience using the commercial codes Fluent and Flow 3D.

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