One of the biggest benefits we offer for FERC licensing and compliance is our people. Nationally renowned engineers and biologists work with you to develop the best practical approach to successfully negotiate the licensing process and meet the requirements of your existing FERC license. We complement laboratory studies with field studies and research to give you the most balanced results.

Because our staff has extensive experience with FERC licensing and compliance, we can work with you to develop your FERC license application, capacity amendment application, study plan, and exhibit drawings. In addition, we provide:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed design
  • Construction oversight
  • Economic analysis
  • Energy optimization
  • Hydraulic evaluations
  • Due diligence evaluations
  • Modeling
  • Field measurements

We have conducted numerous hydraulic model studies of hydroelectric stations and related structures such as intakes, outlets, spillways, stilling basins, fish ladders, and navigation locks. In addition to providing physical hydraulic and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling for your hydropower design and retrofit, we have worked on fish passage facilities, total dissolved gas (TDG) abatement, compliance with ESA regulations, dam safety analysis, risk reduction and remedial design.