Backed by years of experience, we routinely conduct design evaluations and hydraulic model studies for a variety of pump stations and intakes. Early in the design process, our engineers can collaborate with you to complete a detailed review of station design and offer recommendations to improve system hydraulics. Likewise, we can conduct a physical hydraulic model study to evaluate approach flow patterns, identify vortices, and measure swirling flow within the pump to satisfy requirements laid out by the Hydraulic Institute Standards for Pump Intake Design ANSI/HI 9.8-2018 and Pump Piping ANSI/HI 9.6.6-2022. Physical hydraulic modeling is the only currently accepted method to demonstrate compliance with the HI acceptance criteria.

Did you know?

Alden’s staff members have been involved with the development of Hydraulic Institute pump intake and pump piping standards since their inception.

Our experience with physical modeling of pump stations is reinforced by considerable research by our staff in the area of vortex formation and suppression, and scale effects on vortices in Froude models. Papers on scale effects on vortex flows and other topics related to intakes are regularly presented at national and international meetings, and are routinely featured in professional and industry publications. In addition, members of our staff have also written various chapters for handbooks and manuals on pump intakes and swirling flow.

Our knowledge related to Hydraulic Institute acceptance criteria is boosted by Alden’s Director of Hydraulic Modeling, Andy Johansson. Mr. Johansson currently serves as the Chair of the Hydraulic Institute Standards ANSI/HI 9.8-2018 Intake Design Committee and actively participates in the Hydraulic Institute Standards 9.6.6-2022 Pump Piping Standards Committee.

No matter if its fresh water intakes, flood control pumping stations, sewerage pumping plants, cooling water intakes, reactor containment sumps, pumped storage intake structures, or other pump intakes—Alden is your partner in ensuring a successful pump station design.