Our lab has always used the most modern testing equipment and technologies available. Dedicated facilities and a large capacity allow for a slew of testing options for numerous industries in both our Holden, Massachusetts, and Everett, Washington facilities.

Below are descriptions of several facilities available for a wide range of tests.

Fish Testing

Our fish testing and fish-holding facilities can accommodate large numbers of freshwater, brackish water, and marine species for long periods in closed recirculating water systems.

The Taft Fisheries Research and Test Facility is a versatile testing facility with a large recirculating flume that can support a wide range of needs including biological and hydraulic performance evaluations. 

A smaller recirculating test flume, operating at velocities up to 3 ft/sec, is available for evaluating individual technologies and testing species one at a time.  One of the best features of this flume is the large, subsurface viewing window.

Additionally,  a dedicated turbine blade strike apparatus is available for various studies.



Flow Meter Testing Facility

Flow meter calibrations and performance testing are conducted in facilities that can achieve a wide range of flow rates and Reynolds numbers for pipe diameters up to 48 inches.

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Stormwater Testing Facilities

We continually research and understand the stormwater products market and use that information, along with our 10,000 square feet of testing space, to assist our clients in developing, improving and bringing to market products and technologies that drive the future of stormwater management.

Design, Development and Testing Services Include:

  • Evaluation of manufacturers design for hydraulic and removal efficiency
  • 3D Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) numeric modeling and simulation
  • Full scale testing for hydraulic and sediment removal efficiency

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Additional Testing
  • Wave testing and generation
  • Two tow tanks (100 ft. long x 4 ft. wide x 4 ft. long)
  • Flood wall testing
  • Turbine test facility
  • GSI-191 test facility
  • Boiling water reactor (BWR) fuels test facility
  • Dry sorbent test facility
  • Chemical effects test rig
  • Valve test facility
  • Mock-up Testing