Agility is essential for an environmental engineering company in an ever-changing landscape of new technologies, regulations, and environmental standards. But how do we maintain that adaptability in the face of changes not from outside influences, but within our organization— say when the time comes to fill the shoes of the company's leader, the CEO?

An internal transition of this nature has the potential to disrupt an otherwise thriving company – that's where a well-planned succession process becomes essential to maintaining the sense of a solid foundation, so your team can focus on the challenges already keeping them on their toes.

Recently, Verdantas completed a transition in the CEO and COO roles.


A Smooth Transition

A smooth transition for key personnel at the top of the company starts with planning long before the change occurs and should be incorporated into each cycle of the company’s strategic planning process. This plan may include one or more people who are learning to assume the responsibilities and develop the insight required to operate in the incumbent’s place to observe the best fit for the future role.

Not just anyone can lead an environmental engineering consulting firm. We need visionaries who can bring their vision alive by inspiring our people and fostering a high level of trust. This involves understanding and commitment to the organization’s culture as well as strong industry knowledge. When you find this combination in the right individuals, that is when the magic happens. A strong succession plan will identify and mentor individuals who are not only technically skilled but who will also stay true to the values the company embodies. This provides the optimal opportunity for success for our people, our clients, and the communities they serve. We all become partners working towards the same destination instead of a group of people unsure of the path forward. A smooth transition requires a deliberate, intentional, and well-thought-out plan – the stakes are too high for anything less.

The Culture

Our field focuses on innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to enhancing our environment. A well-matched successor would not just understand the company's ideology, mission, and values; they would live them. Those values need to resonate with them personally and be reflected in their behaviors. For a healthy working environment, it is critical to avoid the uncertainty that breeds anxiety. Finding a candidate whose goals are in line with the company that the employees chose to work for when they were hired helps to mitigate that. Taking it one step further, creating an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions also helps to identify and combat sources of anxiety proactively. With a clear succession process, employees, shareholders, and clients can feel confident that there is a plan in place. It’s like having a reliable mechanic; it provides comfort and assurance that even if there’s a hiccup or two, you’ll be back on the road in no time.


In a fast-paced industry, we can’t afford to lose time due to a lack of planning. Verdantas’ CEO succession plan and its recent execution has maintained our momentum and ensured that the well-being of our people, internal initiatives, and key client relationships never take a backseat. Navigating this change well sends a message. It shows foresight, responsibility, and strong governance. Investors love that, employees respect it, and it indicates strength in the marketplace.

Filling the role of a CEO isn’t about just plugging a hole. It's about cultivating the best environment and planting the seeds today to ensure tomorrow’s new growth.

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