A Verdantas Pillar

Sustainability is one of Verdantas’ pillars of focus within the Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) program. Every pillar contains standards and goals focused on enhancing our company’s impact on the world. A Sustainability team, led by Jon Napolitano, Project Engineer, was established to hold ourselves accountable in achieving those goals. Jon notes "As an environmental and consulting firm, we don’t exactly have a “product” in which we can modify it’s manufacturing process to make more efficient – we have people."

A survey was recently conducted to gauge the level of interest and understanding of sustainability amongst the people at Verdantas and establish a baseline of where we are as a company and as individuals. The survey prompted people from across the country to express their interest in learning more about sustainability, share how they already practice sustainability, and provide feedback on how we as a company can improve for the future.


Key Survey Takeaways

  • Verdantas employees want to “walk the walk” of a green company.
  • They want to learn more about sustainability in their workplace.
  • There is interest to lower energy consumption in the office while ensuring there are efficient waste disposal process set up.

Internal Audit

Four Verdantas offices will be audited and studied this summer. The study will help the team identify opportunities to optimize resource usage, reduce waste generation, and ultimately lower our operating environmental footprint during the workday not only in those offices, but across Verdantas.

The study will be concluded at the end of August. Results and findings will be provided at that time.

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