Remote Fac-008 verification is an example of how a cultural commitment toward digitization can support cross functional teams. This client’s commitment to asset digitization has continued to create more opportunities to leverage the data than originally expected. Different teams within the organization can now leverage the same data, resulting in an increased return on digital investment.

An Unexpected Benefit

A Remote FAC-008 ratings verification was an unknown benefit that was developed through emerging technology discussions and the digital investment of an electric utility company. A Strategic Approach to Digital Transformation. The utility’s commitment and investment with asset digitization has created more opportunities than initially expected. One of those unanticipated solutions was this remote verification solution that makes a regulatory compliance audit more efficient to complete.

The reuse of data to create additional solutions is what we refer to as a Return on Digital Investment (RODI)

What is the Purpose of Fac-008 (NERC) Verification:

Fac-008 verification is a NERC compliance requirement that ensures that the Facility Ratings used in the reliable planning and operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES) are determined based on technically sound principles. A Facility Rating is essential for the determination of System Operating Limits.

Typical Process To Perform This Work:

  1. Review substation record drawings
  2. Perform field verifications, including outages to verify conductors.

Challenges of This Current Process:

  • Cost of verification outage and labor support
  • Known risk with inaccurate record drawings
  • Lost revenue for audit failures due to required shutdowns and updates.

Digital Transformation Creates Process Improvements/Risk Mitigation:

To complete these audits, Verdantas’ wholly owned subsidiary Precise Visual Technologies (PVT) developed a process that utilizes 3D laser scanning to verify field conditions remotely against record drawings, including conductor size verification without an outage

For this specific electric utility, the work built upon an on-going digital transformation journey aimed at developing a cutting-edge virtual workspace to aid operational efficiencies. Remote Fac-008 ratings verification was an unknown benefit that developed through emerging technology discussions and digital investment.

The initial digital transformation initiative was to develop brownfield digitization standards, and record models through a combination of laser scanning, and inventor/SBS modeling to assist in infrastructure improvement efforts over the coming years, as well as build a base for future usefulness.

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