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Like many firms, we have licensed professional engineers with decades of technical experience. But what makes us stand out is our long standing history providing engineering services, including physical modeling and testing. Our team can combine computational expertise with over a century's worth of experience in physical flow modeling, giving us the unique ability to apply both in concert for cost-effective, practical solutions. Not only do we use our engineering know-how to anticipate challenges on your project before they happen, we maintain a balance between “tried and true” and innovative engineering approaches using CAD, commercial CFD codes, and other modern forms of technology. 

We work with our clients to select the right analyses and sampling techniques to generate data that you can rely on to make informed decisions about future re-use and development, or remediation. We rely on GIS, drone services, data subscription and visualization of information to communicate environmental data in a manner which will make you confident in your understanding of complex technical information.

We work together as a team to deliver the right solution for your project.


Our Services

Broadband Siting & Entitlements
Aid in creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of a design.
Data Subscription Services
Accessing and analyzing data that drives decisions.
Data Visualization
Graphical representation of information and data.
Drone Services
FAA Certified, offering multiple sUAS (Drone) capabilities.

Capturing and analyzing geospatial data and creating interactive queries to analyze spatial information and display it to enhance decision making and dissemination of information.

Patentable Technical Innovation

Big problems bring new solutions everyday. Patentable information is a valuable and comprehensive source for scientific advancement.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring tools we are able to continuously validate the integrity of our solutions and prepare for situations that can stress a system.

Recent Projects

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The BDM Warren Steel property is an approximately 1,200-acre brownfield that hosted steel-making operations beginning around 1912. 

This property changed ownership and names multiple times over the years and was known as Republic Steel Corporation, LTV Steel Company, WCI Steel, RG Steel, and BDM Steel.  Steel production at the mill has ceased and BDM demolished most of the buildings.  Verdantas was engaged to provide guidance and services in support of the site cleanup, restoration and permitting which occurred in multiple phases and is currently still in progress.

BDM invested private capital to demolish vertical structures, demolish building foundations and slabs.  They then recycled concrete for beneficial on-site reuse, and several thousand tons of steel was recycled.  Verdantas provided the oversite and guidance for the regulatory and permitting aspect of the project and completed the Phase I and Phase II Property Assessments and the Property Assessment Work Plans.  We also entered the site into the Ohio VAP (Voluntary Action Program) and MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) track.  The project was executed with the construction and remediation activities from the perspective of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Verdantas also oversaw beneficial use and surface water impoundments closures in accordance with an approved Closure Plan that follows Ohio EPA Closure Plan Review Guidance for RCRA Facilities.  The related materials were reused in accordance with an Integrated Alternative Waste Management Plan (IAWMP).  These alternative management approaches to both the liquids and semi-solid materials located in the ponds resulted in the savings of over $5 million.

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Environmental Assessment & Remediation
BDM Warren Steel Site

Site assessment and remediation for 1,200-acre brownfield site

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As a part of its water and wastewater infrastructure asset management program (AMP), The Town of Millsboro converted decades of paper based utility maps and data into digital datasets using GIS technology. Digital infrastructure data was then overlaid with other pertinent datasets, enabling the use of spatial analysis techniques for the development of probability of failure, consequence of failure and risk assessment models. The AMP incorporates these models as tools to help prioritize funding needs. Water and wastewater maps are available from cloud based data services allowing for data viewing and editing on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Digital cloud-based water system map.
Applied Data & Technology | Civil Infrastructure
Millsboro Asset Management Plan

Developed an Asset Management Plan for Millsboro's water and wastewater system assets.

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Verdantas performed construction review services for the newly constructed Museum of the American Revolution in Old City Philadelphia, two blocks away from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The museum took two years to construct and opened in April 2017. One of the interesting parts of this project was an archeological excavation which was performed during the basement excavation. The National Parks building, which was removed to clear the site for the museum construction, had been built over the old houses which dated to the 1700’s. As part of the excavation for the new foundations which extended to as much as 20 feet below the streets, archeologists exposed the old structures and removed artifacts for months before foundations were constructed.

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Civil Infrastructure
Museum of the American Revolution

Construction review services for the newly constructed Museum of the American Revolution in Old City Philadelphia.

  • Since 2016, the Verdantas Team has consistently provided thorough, accurate, and timely plan reviews despite the pressures of fast-paced development in the community.

    Town Engineer Local Municipality, Delaware

  • Our municipality has utilized Verdantas as a consultant for capital projects involving the repair and replacement of its aging water and sewer infrastructure. They have provided initial engineering, design and construction management. The accuracy and thoroughness of their plans has resulted in capital projects that have consistently finished on time and within budget without unexpected change orders.

    Town Engineer Local Municipality, Delaware

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