From Planning and Design to Field and Construction Services

Our diverse team of engineers, designers, scientists and construction experts work to complete projects for the benefit of people and communities. Collectively, we have a reputation of solving problems and helping our clients achieve positive results and responsible environmental stewardship. 

We work with clients to address specific project goals and incorporate our multidisciplinary strengths to develop innovative approaches. We have completed numerous projects for public sector clients such as major utilities, municipalities, municipal water and sewer districts—including those who serve large metropolitan areas—and many private-sector clients.


Our Services

Calibration Testing

Experienced with the methods used in national and international test codes for a wide range of flow meters and fluids handling equipment.

Coastal Engineering

Anticipating shoreline response and preparing our infrastructure for changing sea levels and the consequences for coastal development and natural resources.

Construction Services

Testing, review, CQA consulting, and construction administration services.

Dam Safety Services

Supporting dam owners and engineering firms with hydraulic and structural expertise.

Gas Flow Systems Modeling & Design

Engineering design, investigation, and modeling of systems to address operational and flow related concerns.

Geotechnical Engineering

Integrating the challenges of complex geology and existing site features into the design and construction.

Hydraulic Modeling & Consulting

Improving operating efficiency and extending equipment life.

Hydraulic Structure Engineering Design

Expertise From Conceptual Design Through Final Design and Construction.

Hydropower Field Services

Site specific evaluations and measurements to support a range of operations, licensing, relicensing, and migration for small independent power producers to large utilities.

Laboratory Testing

Combining a full range of testing equipment with isolated and conditioned environments required for precise test protocols.

Landscape Architecture

A combination of art and science which integrates site development into the built and natural environment emphasizing aesthetics, function, quality of life, economics and sustainability.

Municipal Planning and Plan Review

Reviewing projects for compliance with local municipal codes and ordinances and State and Federal regulations

Process Engineering

Design, Optimize, and Troubleshoot Flow-Related Products and Processes.

Site Engineering

Creating functional, cost-effectiveness, constructible and aesthetic designs for all types of sites.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Design

Design, permitting and specialized third party construction QA services for waste management facility owners related to municipal, residual, construction / demolition and hazardous waste management facilities.

Stormwater Management

Design flow solutions to combat stormwater flow that sweeps up pollutants such as oils, chemicals, sediments, pathogens and trash.

Stormwater Protocols Product Testing & Verification

Laboratory Stormwater Protocol Compliance and Verification Testing for BMP Manufacturers.

Structural Design

Broad range of services including systems and components in structural steel, concrete, masonry, timber, composites, and cold-form framing.


ALTA/NSPS Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Survey, FEMA Surveys, Aerial Control, Construction Stakeout, As-Built Surveys, Bathymetric Surveys, and more.

Transportation Civil Design

Offering a wide array of bridge, roadway, and traffic engineering services for state and local government and private-sector clients.

Water & Wastewater Design

Assuring the supply of safe, clean drinking water and the effective cleaning and disposal of wastewater.

Recent Projects

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As a part of its water and wastewater infrastructure asset management program (AMP), The Town of Millsboro converted decades of paper based utility maps and data into digital datasets using GIS technology. Digital infrastructure data was then overlaid with other pertinent datasets, enabling the use of spatial analysis techniques for the development of probability of failure, consequence of failure and risk assessment models. The AMP incorporates these models as tools to help prioritize funding needs. Water and wastewater maps are available from cloud based data services allowing for data viewing and editing on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Digital cloud-based water system map.
Applied Data & Technology | Civil Infrastructure
Millsboro Asset Management Plan

Developed an Asset Management Plan for Millsboro's water and wastewater system assets.

{id=62146010725, createdAt=1639757225965, updatedAt=1646949533973, path='museum-of-the-american-revolution', name='Museum of the American Revolution', 1='{type=string, value=Museum of the American Revolution}', 33='{type=number, value=0}', 34='{type=list, value=[{id=10, name='Civil Infrastructure', order=4, label='Civil Infrastructure'}]}', 35='{type=string, value=Museum of the American Revolution}', 4='{type=string, value=Construction review services for the newly constructed Museum of the American Revolution in Old City Philadelphia.}', 36='{type=string, value=Philadelphia, PA}', 5='{type=list, value=[{id=16, name='Real Estate', order=1, label='Real Estate'}]}', 37='{type=list, value=[{id=87, name='Construction Services', order=38, label='Construction Services'}]}', 39='{type=string, value=museum-of-the-american-revolution}', 8='{type=string, value=

Verdantas performed construction review services for the newly constructed Museum of the American Revolution in Old City Philadelphia, two blocks away from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The museum took two years to construct and opened in April 2017. One of the interesting parts of this project was an archeological excavation which was performed during the basement excavation. The National Parks building, which was removed to clear the site for the museum construction, had been built over the old houses which dated to the 1700’s. As part of the excavation for the new foundations which extended to as much as 20 feet below the streets, archeologists exposed the old structures and removed artifacts for months before foundations were constructed.

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Civil Infrastructure
Museum of the American Revolution

Construction review services for the newly constructed Museum of the American Revolution in Old City Philadelphia.

{id=62146010740, createdAt=1639759819782, updatedAt=1646949537471, path='new-castle-dock', name='New Castle Dock', 1='{type=string, value=New Castle Dock}', 33='{type=number, value=0}', 34='{type=list, value=[{id=10, name='Civil Infrastructure', order=4, label='Civil Infrastructure'}]}', 35='{type=string, value=City of New Castle}', 4='{type=string, value=Design of a new dock to service historic vessels, tall ships and Forts DuPont and Mott Ferries.}', 36='{type=string, value=New Castle, DE}', 5='{type=list, value=[{id=19, name='Government', order=4, label='Government'}]}', 37='{type=list, value=[{id=85, name='Structural Design', order=36, label='Structural Design'}, {id=89, name='Coastal Engineering', order=40, label='Coastal Engineering'}, {id=114, name='Geotechnical Engineering', order=65, label='Geotechnical Engineering'}]}', 39='{type=string, value=new-castle-dock}', 8='{type=string, value=

To support tourism and recreation while restoring maritime history, the City of New Castle embarked on a waterfront redevelopment project. The project’s focal point was a new dock to service the historic vessel, Kalmar Nyckel, other visiting tall ships and Forts DuPont and Mott Ferries. The new dock replaced a pier that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and, therefore, design and construction needed to be robust to handle the frequently harsh environment of the Delaware River. Ultimately, the dock was designed and constructed with a state-of-the-art pile foundation and substructure designed to meet the historic aesthetics and sustainability sought by the City.

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Civil Infrastructure
New Castle Dock

Design of a new dock to service historic vessels, tall ships and Forts DuPont and Mott Ferries.

  • Since 2016, the Verdantas Team has consistently provided thorough, accurate, and timely plan reviews despite the pressures of fast-paced development in the community.

    Town Engineer Local Municipality, Delaware

  • Our municipality has utilized Verdantas as a consultant for capital projects involving the repair and replacement of its aging water and sewer infrastructure. They have provided initial engineering, design and construction management. The accuracy and thoroughness of their plans has resulted in capital projects that have consistently finished on time and within budget without unexpected change orders.

    Town Engineer Local Municipality, Delaware

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