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Climate and weather extremes have been making headlines more frequently and will continue to do so unless we consciously and rapidly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. As we implement more sustainable measures to meet our energy needs we must be adaptable and prepared for the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

Verdantas’ engineers and scientists are passionate about creating resilient designs that protect our coastal communities and natural resources, conserve water, use renewable energy, and reduce wastes.


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Partnering with wind and solar developers on numerous utility-scale and commercial scale solar, wind, landfill gas and combined heat and power projects.

Material Reuse
Resilient Infrastructure

Anticipating shoreline response and preparing our infrastructure for changing sea levels and the consequences for coastal development and natural resources.

Climate Change Adaption

Developing solutions to protect people, ecosystems, and infrastructure from the threats of sea level rise, greater flooding, extreme weather conditions, and natural disasters.

Air Emissions
ESG and Sustainability Planning

Helping to prepare energy and other systems to reduce our impacts on our air, water, and soils.

Recent Projects

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Mandated to eliminate wastewater stream discharge for compliance with the Inland Bays Total Maximum Daily Load, The Town of Millsboro embraced an innovative solution based on recycling, rather than disposal, of high quality treated effluent. The recycled water is used to recharge the local aquifer through seven rapid infiltration basins (RIBS).  With a capacity of 1.2 MGD, Millsboro’s RIBs are the largest municipal system in Delaware.  RIB systems require less land and have lower long term operating costs than wastewater disposal systems using irrigation.  Hydrogeological testing has demonstrated that the performance of Millsboro’s RIB system exceeds the original design criteria.

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Sustainability | Civil Infrastructure
Rapid Infiltration Basins

An innovative solution based on recycling, rather than disposal, of high quality treated effluent to eliminate wastewater stream discharge.

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RWE Renewables, a global energy company, constructed a 75-turbine, 250 MW onshore wind electric generation facility between 2019 and 2021. It went into commercial operation in June 2021. The project includes Siemens Gamesa turbines and is RWE’s first onshore wind project in Ohio. It has the capacity to provide clean energy for more than 60,000 households.

Verdantas was selected to provide civil engineering design, land surveying, ODOT and County roadway permitting, surface water delineations and ecological surveys, SPCC plan preparation, Decommissioning Plan preparation, Ohio EPA construction stormwater permit and Stormwater Pollution prevention Plan (SWP3) preparation, surface water permitting, storm water inspections during construction, and ecological specialist services during construction.

Temporary intersection improvements were designed for turbine blades that were up to 211 feet long and weighed 31,200 pounds. The nacelle units weighed 250,000 pounds. The project study area included approximately 50 square miles (31,986 acres) and required approximately 38 miles of new access roads and approximately 75 miles of electrical collection lines.

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Scioto Ridge Wind Farm

Read how the construction of a 75-turbine onshore wind electric generation facility was supported by Verdantas.

  • Since 2016, the Verdantas Team has consistently provided thorough, accurate, and timely plan reviews despite the pressures of fast-paced development in the community.

    Town Engineer Local Municipality, Delaware

  • Our municipality has utilized Verdantas as a consultant for capital projects involving the repair and replacement of its aging water and sewer infrastructure. They have provided initial engineering, design and construction management. The accuracy and thoroughness of their plans has resulted in capital projects that have consistently finished on time and within budget without unexpected change orders.

    Town Engineer Local Municipality, Delaware

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