Our professionals focus on lifecycle analysis, waste diversion or harvesting from landfills and containment units, and the “beneficial use” of materials and wastes. Understanding a material’s lifecycle is key to identifying sustainable solutions for material management, as these materials can be reused to conserve resources and provide environmental lift all while reducing costs and applying good stewardship practices for all involved. To achieve this, Verdantas has invested significant resources into understanding and advocating for sensible, workable guidance and regulations at the local, state, and federal level and applied these criteria to our project when possible.

By working with our clients and community (and regulatory authorities), we have brought awareness of sustainable concepts of lifecycle analysis, waste diversion for beneficial use that allow for the diversion of materials and waste from landfills and containment units, harvesting of materials form operating and closed units and beneficial use of the materials based on their ability to meet environmental protection and product or construction material performance standards.


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