Our Story

In 2020, we started with a vision to build a consulting company focused on our environment – making the world a better place. We then began to bring together consulting companies that all shared this common focus for a better world and put people first. Each entity that joins contributes its engineering, planning, science and technical expertise to create One Great Company to solve complex problems. They bring a legacy of excellence, a reputation of honesty and integrity, with like-minded cultures dedicated to inclusion, diversity, and collaboration. Collectively, we are experts in the environment and its supporting infrastructure who are committed to a people-focused future. Our efforts positively impact the communities we are welcomed into, our employees are allowed to balance their everyday lives, they are encouraged to grow into who they wish to become - all while putting our clients and the community we live in at the center of our actions.



Our Legacy

Verdantas is driven by a singular mission to create a better world for ourselves and future generations. Verdantas was created by merging 5 companies – Alden Research, Duffield Associates, GeoInsight, HSW Consultants and Hull & Associates into One Great Company. Led by a group of engineers, planners, scientists, and technology experts with shared values, cultures and vision for the future. A company where a green, sustainable and a people first approach is at the foreground of all our actions.


Our Passion

Building a Better Tomorrow.

Our Niche

Agility with our people, our resources and our expertise. We do this within the ever-changing communities and client environments

Our Mission

At Verdantas, we believe it is our mission and our responsibility to:

  1. Protect our ecosystem including the water, the plants, and all living creatures,
  2. Implement engineering, science and technologies that preserve our natural resources; and,
  3. Bring harmony to the ecosystem and all living creatures to help combat climate change.


Our Team

Doing things the right way means we take the time to listen and understand you and your project. It also means we take the time necessary to provide straight-forward answers that give you clarity and transparency, help you think through your options and choices, and ensure that you feel confident that you’re on the best path forward.


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