Verdantas performed a significant scope of services for the ProLogis Park 70 E-Commerce site in Etna Township, Ohio.

The build to suit project consisted of  site development for a 855,000 sf building that could accommodate truck dock facilities on the west side at completion of construction and accommodate truck dock facilities in the future on the east side along with a large employee parking area.

The storm water outlet for the site was located within the limited access right-of-way for Interstate 70, therefore Verdantas worked closely with the Licking County Engineer’s Office and Ohio Department Of Transportation on the storm water control of the project.  Along with the on-site design Verdantas was also required to analyze the offsite storm water runoff from the eastern site (the Holy Cross Cemetery) and provide an overflow swale to collect higher rainfall events and re-route storm water runoff from the creek.

In addition, Verdantas' survey department provided all aspects of surveying services for this project.  Verdantas performed an ALTA survey of the original property and all legal descriptions prior to the development of the industrial park.

Along with a development of this magnitude, roadway improvements were also required.  Verdantas worked with the Licking County Engineer’s Office and ODOT to provide a comprehensive Traffic Impact Analysis as well as the design and construction plans for the turn lanes and signals on SR 40 and Etna Parkway.  Verdantas managed the improvements through the public bidding and construction phases.

The schedule for this project demonstrates Verdantas' ability to meet the owner’s goals for the project, coordinate with the contractors during construction and also maintain the high level of design requirements for the reviewing agencies.  While this building has not obtained formal LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, all aspects of the civil design meet the LEED design requirements for storm water runoff and control.

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