Our team performed a geotechnical assessment for the construction of the Stony Creek Brewery.  The building was constructed along the shoreline of the Branford River on a Brownfields site. Our deep understanding of the geology of the area resulted in our recommended design of steel H pile foundations to support the new building above a miscellaneous fill layer and an organic marsh deposit that was underlain by glacial till and bedrock.  Our team also optimized the pile size for maximized load capacity, resulting in minimized cost for construction.


CONSTRUCTION OVERSIGHT AND TESTING –Oversight of the steel H pile installations  was provided, along with additional geotechnical evaluations to assess changes to the project that occurred during construction.  Our staff performed evaluation of dynamic pile load tests to verify the design pile load capacities and assessed the suitability of pile driving hammer energy with respect to allowable pile stresses (i.e., the likelihood of the piles being damaged by the hammer during installation).  Based upon the test results, our experts confirmed that our pile design was acceptable for construction of the project and verified the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the selected steel H pile size. 

Our team performed oversight of the pile installation and assisted the contractor with production efficiency and minimizing pile material waste.  Installation of each pile was documented for consistency with the project specifications, and communicated this field documentation with local regulators, as required.

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