We were hired to initiate Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment and Phase III Remedial Action Planning under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) in 2012 at a 40-acre, abandoned industrial mill complex with a history of a metal/copper works in the 1800s and rubber manufacturing in the 1900s.  Our work on this project since 2012 demonstrates Verdantas' technical expertise in environmental site assessment, remediation, redevelopment, and regulatory closure, coupled with our commitment to being responsive and developing long-term partnerships with our clients.


REMEDIATED 25,000 TONS OF SOIL AND 175,000 GALLONS OF WATER – Active remediation and site-wide redevelopment was initiated in 2015 with final remedial soil excavation activities ending in early 2017.  Over 25,000 tons of impacted soil was excavated and disposed off-site at permitted facilities as a part of the remedial effort and 175,000 gallons of impacted water was treated and discharged (re-infiltrated) on‑site.  Oversaw post‑remediation human health risk assessment and ecological (sediment) risk characterizations that ultimately supported residential reuse of the property.  Contaminants included petroleum-based solvents, dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL), plasticizers, and metals.

ACHIEVED TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT SOLUTIONS – Verdantas' site investigation work and Remedial Completion Report in 2017 supported achieving Temporary or Permanent Solutions under the MCP (“site closure”) at the eight MCP disposal sites/release areas at the property.

Construction of the Paul Revere Heritage Park began in fall 2017 and for the residential building construction began in 2018.  The first multi-unit condo building had all units sold and occupied in 2019 and construction of two more multi‑unit buildings and 15 townhouses is underway.

SUCCESSFULLY REMEDIATED AND CONVERTED INDUSTRIAL LAND TO PARK: The 270 residential units in the development will generate an estimated $1 million in tax revenue for the Town annually at what was a former abandoned industrial mill complex dating back to the first development by Paul Revere in the early 1800s.  Almost half of the former industrial land area is now the Town’s Paul Revere Heritage Park, offering the public with a park and historic Revere Rolling Mill and Barn adjoining a new residential community.

Scope of Services

  • Phase I ESA
  • Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) Comprehensive Site Assessment (Phase II ESA equivalent)
  • MADEP Remedial Action Plan and Remedial Implementation Plan
  • Remedial oversight and risk assessment

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