Utilizing 3D scanning and analysis technologies a holistic analysis of the exterior state of a building is performed. After the high accuracy laser scan is performed and registered the analysis is conducted. This process colors the distance a facade is pulling away from a building, by a client specific increment. The deliverables for this are a plan sheet detailing all sides. Also a new 3D point cloud colored to match the plan sheets details that allows you to view the entire buildings results at once. 


  • Find every deviation that might not be seen with the naked eye or level.
  • Analyze if one building face is impacting another
  • Data collection is done from the ground without lifts of ladders.
  • Gives a better perception of the severity of the deviation throughout the building as a whole.
  • Free 3D viewer is easy-to-use to view end result.
  • Picture is worth 1000 words. It can be used for presentations, collaborative sessions, and reviews.


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