Penn Mag Inc. approached Verdantas to provide a geotechnical evaluation for a former industrial site located at the Port of Wilmington. Their goal was business expansion in the form of a new bulk material processing facility.

Penn Mag’s idea was to obtain high quality steel processing waste slag from Japan, ship it to Wilmington Delaware, refine it, and sell it to local ready mic concrete plants. The refined slag can replace virgin cement. The environmental benefits of the project included reuse of a former industrial site reuse of a recycled material in lieu of a completely manufactured product.

We were able to offer additional services, beyond geotechnical engineering, to help Penn Mag complete their project including critical environmental permitting that threatened to stop the project.

This comprehensive project included:

Civil Infrastructure

  • Geotechnical 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Structural Engineering 
  • Construction Review

Environmental Health & Safety

  • Air Permitting
Environmental Assessment & Remediation
  • HSCA Compliance 

Applied Data & Technology

  • Vibration Monitoring 

Natural Resources & Environmental Planning

  • Floodplain Permitting and FEMA


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