At the outset of the project, we assisted with the various aspects of managing a large-scale renovation and demolition project.  Demonstrating Verdantas' versatility, our services for this education sector client ranged from planning and completing a hazardous building material survey, to preparing comprehensive characterization reports and work plans to guide abatement activities over a 5-year period.


DATA GAP ANALYSIS – The first step in the project was to compile the existing asbestos survey and abatement data to prepare a database of testing results to evaluate what media needed testing to plan abatement activities.   This step reduced the number of samples for testing.

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION REPORTS – The project included coordinating a hazardous building material survey and identification of laboratory decontamination requirements based upon historical use.  We prepared two Work Plans for different portions of the Science Center to identify impacted building materials, project sequencing, and contractor responsibilities for bidding purposes.  We partnered with Environmental Health, Inc. to provide Project Monitoring (PM) services during abatement.

SOIL STABILZATION AT FORMER GREENHOUSE – During demolition of the former Greenhouse complex lead-impacted soil required stabilization to render the soil non-hazardous before excavation and disposal.  We prepared the Soil Management Plan, oversaw stabilization activities, and collected confirmatory soil samples.

ASBESTOS OPERATION, MONITORING AND MAINTENANCE (OMM) PLANS – At completion of the renovation project, we prepared OMMs Plans for two portions of the building where asbestos containing materials (ASCM) not abated.  The plans identify the location of ACM and provide management guidelines to minimize the potential for exposure.

Scope of Services

  • Abatement Project Monitoring
  • Hazardous Building Material Assessment
  • Building Hazardous Material Abatement Work Plan
  • Greenhouse Area Soil Stabilization and Disposal
  • Underground Injection Control Requirements
  • Regulatory Program Assistance

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