Verdantas began providing biennial environmental health and safety (EHS) auditing in 2015 to an international client who provides high-technology supply chain services to automotive, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing customers. Our client has a sophisticated worldwide quality assurance system including rigorous EHS standards. Verdantas' EHS professionals have assisted our client in achieving their internal goal of 100 percent compliance and safe operations that are in compliance with US and Canadian regulations as well as the company’s own internal policies and requirements.


Biennial EHS auditing. We provide detailed EHS compliance auditing for 16 US and Canadian facilities biennially, with ½ of the facilities audited each year. Auditing incudes the full range of OSHA 1910 general industry programs and Canadian federal and provincial requirements.

Safety program development and implementation. We have assisted the client in developing and implementing safety programs meeting US, Canadian, and internal company standard including control of hazardous energy, fall protection, electrical safety, and respiratory protection.

Safety program administration. We have provided oversight and administration of certain safety programs (e.g., respiratory protection annual fit testing, medical clearances for new employees, and annual updates to the written program) to support facility operations, allowing managers to focus on productions activities while ensuring compliance with safety requirements. Verdantas also provides industrial hygiene monitoring services including noise, dust, and chemical-specific surveys (e.g., chromium) to support program administration and PPE decisions.

New facility start-up – EHS program implementation. Verdantas has assisted in safety program implementation and EHS permitting for new facility start-ups in Ohio and California.

Scope of Services

  • Health and Safety Program Development and Implementation
  • Biennial Safety Program Auditing
  • Strategic Planning for New Facilities
  • Program Development, Administration, Support, and Corrective Action

Project Details

Safety auditing and corrective actions. Verdantas' EHS auditing program includes assessment of compliance at 16 US and Canadian facilities with the following OSHA programs and internal company policies:

  • Accident/injury management
  • Contractor safety management
  • Hot work
  • Confined spaces
  • Control of hazardous energy
  • Compressed gases
  • Emergency action planning
  • Ire prevention
  • Noise exposure
  • Respiratory protection
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Toxic/hazardous substances
  • Hazard communication
  • Process safety training
  • Safety program training
  • Crane and hoist safety
  • Powered industrial trucks
  • Electrical safety
  • Fall protection
  • Ladders and powered platforms
  • Machine guarding

We provide the facility and corporate EHS with our findings and recommendations in table format and an accompanying corrective action matrix. Corrective actions are tracked and completed throughout the year with Verdantas support provided to facility managers and EHS leads.

Safety program development and implementation. Verdantas has assisted the client with development and implementation of several key safety programs, including the following:

  • Control of Hazardous Energy – Verdantas has worked with the client’s corporate EHS and regional engineering service managers to develop state-of-the-practice lockout-tagout (LOTO) procedures for the full range of equipment at each North American facility. The procedures are visually based, relying on a master spreadsheet listing all equipment and energy sources for each facility. The spreadsheet is linked to individual procedures for each machine or unit which include a color-coded table of energy sources (electrical, air/pneumatic, compressed gases, and water); photos of LOTO devices needed for the piece of equipment; photos of LOTO points in energized position and in de-energized position with the LOTO device applied; and detailed step-by-step procedures for LOTO of each energy source.
  • Fall Protection – As part of our biennial EHS auditing program, we identified areas where employees were working at heights without overhead fall protection. We worked with the client to evaluate fall protection options including anchor system assessment by a structural engineer. Based on the results of our fall protection evaluation, we assisted in developing a system-wide fall protection program consisting of a combination of ladder use, mast and scissors lifts, and overhead fall protection with certified anchor points and retracting lifeline systems. The fall protection program has been implemented at all US and Canadian facilities.
  • Respiratory Protection – The client requested assistance from Verdantas in 2016 to upgrade its voluntary respirator use to a mandatory program for the use of filtering facepiece respirators for certain operations. At the client’s request, Verdantas set up and has administered this program for the last 4 years including development of a written respiratory protection program and the use of subcontractors in the US and Canada to perform on-site fit testing and medical clearances for new employees. In addition, new and modified processes resulted in the addition of half-face and full-face respirator use to the program, which required updates to the written program and modifications to testing protocols in 2018 and 2019.
  • Electrical Safety – we have assisted the client with development of a draft electrical safety program, including equipment labeling, work rules for live equipment, and PPE for direct shock and arc-flash protection. We have also provided preliminary assistance for developing a customized NFPA 70E training program for facility service technicians and regional service managers who maintain and troubleshoot specialized critical equipment.

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