The Town of Middletown, Delaware owns and operates its own wastewater system including their treatment plant and disposal systems. They has traditionally relied on irrigation of treated wastewater on Town owned dedicated spray fields as well as reuse on turfgrass and adjacent farmlands. Rapid Town growth has driven an increase in wastewater volumes while also consuming available land around the Town reducing opportunities for increasing the disposal system capacity.

Verdantas assisted the Town is resurrecting a plan to install Rapid Infiltration Basins (RIBs) on existing Town lands. RIBs provide a greater disposal capacity per unit area then irrigation systems. The RIBS were constructed primarily within existing irrigation system buffer areas to maximize disposal capacity on the site. Our team prepared plans and permitting documents for 20 new RIBs on the Town’s Ford Farm site, assisted with construction review, and are now conducting full scale infiltration studies to optimize operations. Current disposal capacity uis 0.8 MGD.

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