The idea to revitalize the Los Angeles River to a recreational purpose has been propelled by the City and impassioned voices in the community. Part of this vision is connecting people and places. The 30-foot-wide bridge has separate wood paths for bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian uses, with a High Line-sequel observation points and resting areas.

Our role as geotechnical engineer-of-record began during the design phase. We performed a ground motion study and developed foundation design recommendations for the center pier and abutments. Lateral spreading mitigation alternatives were also provided to support the bridge abutments and the existing embankment immediately adjacent to the Golden State Freeway based on displacement demand of the bridge structure.

The team provided criteria for site grading and other construction considerations, including dewatering and shoring support during construction in the riverbed. Appropriate permits were obtained including the 408 Permit from the United State Army Corps (USACE) and the Flood Permit from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (LADPW) Flood Control District for drilling activities.

We also provided construction support services for the project including geotechnical support during pile driving for the construction management team.

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