We were recommended by an attorney to the owner of a strip mall to define the extent of a chlorinated volatile organic compound (CVOC, primarily tetrachloroethene or [PCE]) plume and implement a long-term remedial strategy without disrupting multiple tenant business operations.


  • Excavated accessible CVOC – and fuel oil-impacted soil.
  • Worked with existing business operations to remediate without disruption of business. We installed soil borings inside a pharmacy during off-hours to assess impacted inaccessible soils.
  • We completed indoor air evaluations and risk assessments to evaluate needs for additional remediation and to assess tenants who were not exposed to inhalation risk during remediation. Furthermore, we implemented a periodic indoor air monitoring plan to evaluate ongoing tenant and public exposure.
  • Evaluated potential risks for neighboring properties. We evaluated the downgradient property for potential vapor intrusion impacts while considering proposed site redevelopment plans.
  • Advised our client and their legal counsel on the long- and short-term remedial strategies that allowed the client to plan and budget, while also meeting New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) standards.
  • Continue to manage ongoing requirements associated with the Site’s Groundwater Management Permit.

Scope of Services

  • Site Characterization of CVOC plume
  • Short- and long- term remedial strategy development and implementation
  • Coordinate with client and client’s legal team
  • Complete remediation of CVOC impacts
  • Indoor air assessment
  • On- and off-site vapor intrusion evaluations

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