An existing roof vent arrangement was allowing rainwater to enter the Pot Room. Alden supported efforts to develop a roof vent geometry to eliminate the intrusion of rain water. The purpose of the CFD study was to ensure that the roof vent modification did not increase pot room temperature levels beyond specified limits for workers in the plant.

To evaluate the existing and proposed Pot Room arrangements, thermal and fluid flow profiles in the immediate vicinity of the pots were determined based on air flows through the plant floor and wall mounted vents. The detailed CFD model was developed from plant drawings to include all major basement, pot room and roof venting geometries. The surrounding ambient environment was included with quiescent atmospheric conditions and average ambient temperature. Thermal losses form the pots to the pot room air and from the pot room to the environment were included in the analysis. The results of the CFD modeling showed that the proposed modification to the roof venting arrangement was acceptable and would not increase the temperature in the worker-occupied spaces by more than 2 degrees F.

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