The South Valley Parkway Project has provided a solution to concerns of residents along Middle Road regarding the compromised vehicular and pedestrian safety along this narrow corridor due to significant increase in traffic over the years.

The overall project is comprised of a new roadway alignment totaling 2.5 miles, one split interchange, five single lane roundabouts and one double lane roundabout to the South Valley Region in lower Luzerne County, PA. The project included the construction of a six-span two-lane bridge, carrying the parkway over Nanticoke Creek, Dundee Road and State Route 29, a single span two-lane bridge, carrying Main Street over State Route 29, and seventeen stormwater management basins which facilitated the separation of onsite stormwater and offsite watercourses to the highest standard. Safety and traffic congestion were the driving forces for PennDOT Engineering District 4-0’s purpose and need to move forward with the project. In addition, the project utilized what was otherwise abandoned coal land and transformed it into a viable traffic calming solution for the surrounding community. The new parkway connects Hanover Township with the City of Nanticoke, alleviating congestion to the residents along State Route 2008 (Middle Road) due to the commuters to Luzerne County Community College Campus and now restricted truck traffic.

Our team was the prime design consultant for this project completing Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, and Consultation during construction on behalf of the project owner PennDOT Engineering District 4-0.


Project Features:

  • Selecting alignment of 2.5-mile new roadway while minimizing impacts and cost containment to fall within allotted funding.
  • Excavation = 1.4M cubic yards, Rock blasting
  • Six (6) Roundabouts - Five (5) Single Lane, and One (1) Double Lane
  • Six (6) Span Concrete Bridge, One (1) Single-Span Concrete Bridge
  • One (1) Box Culvert
  • Four (4) Rock Structure Habitat created for Eastern Small-Footed Myotis Bats
  • Seventeen (17) Storm Water Management Basins
  • (2) Utility Main Relocations
  • Acid Bearing Rock (ABR) – rock containing the sulfide-bearing mineral pyrite represents a potential source of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD). As a result, the construction specification required to minimize exposure to air and water without being covered to 5 days, and required an ABR disposal at the project’s approved waste site.

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