Experts from our Somerville, New Jersey office serve as LSRP's on a waterfront historic fill site. The site was operated as a shipyard, naval yard, and ship decommissioning facility from the early 1900s through the 1980s, when it was developed as a multi-tenant industrial park. The property owner voluntarily requested an environmental review and clearance of the property during redevelopment.

A comprehensive investigation was completed including a Preliminary Assessment, Site Investigation, Remedial Investigation, Remedial Action Workplan, and Remedial Action Report. Several areas of concern requiring remediation were identified and excavated. Ground water was investigated, but did not require remediation. Site-wide historic fill evaluation was required to support import of alternative fill material. More than one hundred soil borings were installed and samples were collected to develop a statistically-robust alternative fill acceptance criteria. The fill acceptance criteria was approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and approximately 250,000 cubic yards of alternative fill were imported to support redevelopment. Our staff were key partners during redevelopment. Our role included quickly and carefully vetting potential fill sources, monitoring fill placement, advising on health and safety concerns, and supporting the construction team.

The property was successfully redeveloped for continued industrial usage, which required the successful navigation of a complex termination of a Declaration of Environmental Restrictions for several properties, and refiled a deed notice for the redevelopment site. The NJDEP issued a Soil Remedial Action Permit for the Site, and the Response Action Outcome was issued.

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