The City of Bethlehem currently operates a 20-million gallon per day (gpd) activated sludge wastewater treatment plant, which has the ability to handle peak wet weather flows of 50 million gpd. 

This project included upgrades to the West Influent Pump Room, which contained three (3) constant speed Yoemens 100 hp dry pit submersible pumps, each with a capacity of 12 MGD.   The scope included the replacement of existing pumps along with all piping, valves, and appurtenances located within the West Influent Pump Room. The new pumps were designed to operate on variable frequency drives (VFDs) and controlled on wet well level as monitored by instrumentation. This upgrade also included replacement of  the MCCs, and upgrade of  the existing control and alarm panels that were integrated into the plant’s existing SCADA system.  The  scope also included design of a new ventilation system and replacement of existing stairs and platforms.

Our experts leveraged 3D scanning and 3D modeling technology to efficiently design the project. Because space was limited, and all new equipment had to fit within the existing structure, our team scanned the existing facility to develop an accurate as-built the facility, and utilized the scan to develop an accurate 3D model to design the required improvements. The City was able to maintain operation of the treatment plant throughout the duration of the project.

Our team was responsible for all survey, mechanical, electrical, structural and automation design disciplines, preparation of bidding documents, and assisting the City with construction administration services

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