Verdantas Acquires Flatwoods Consulting Group Expanding Environmental Consulting Expertise in the Southeastern United States.

DUBLIN, Ohio—Verdantas, a private-equity-backed firm specializing in environmental consulting, sustainable engineering, modeling and digital technology, announced today it has acquired Flatwoods Consulting Group, Inc. (Flatwoods).

"The addition of Flatwoods perfectly aligns with Verdantas' overarching strategy to establish regional Natural Resource and Environmental Planning hubs, but also represents a strong cultural fit," said Jesse Kropelnicki, CEO of Verdantas. "This team brings a wealth of local expertise, talented staff, and invaluable agency relationships into our fold, reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship and positioning us to navigate the evolving landscape of the power sector. By harnessing the strengths of Flatwoods’ established client base and expertise, we are well-poised to meet the escalating demands of our power-focused clientele, providing increased opportunities for growth and contributing to the advancement of environmentally responsible energy practices."

Verdantas' strategic acquisition of Flatwoods marks a substantial expansion in its portfolio of services, particularly in the domains of natural resources, environmental permitting, and compliance across the Southeast region. This strategic move not only broadens Verdantas' reach but also enhances its technical capabilities on a national scale. The augmentation is especially evident in key areas such as special status species surveys and conservation, natural resource planning and management, environmental compliance monitoring, geospatial analysis, and aquatic, wetland, and water resource monitoring, mitigation, and compliance. The acquisition propels Verdantas to the forefront of the industry, empowering it to address the evolving needs of its clients while championing environmental stewardship.

Chris Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at RTC Partners, said, "This strategic synergy not only fortifies Verdantas' capabilities but also aligns seamlessly with its overarching commitment to environmental sustainability.”

About Verdantas 

Verdantas specializes in delivering an integrated mix of environmental consulting, sustainable engineering, modeling, and cutting-edge digital technology to support markets with secular tailwinds and foster sustainable project outcomes. Our expertise spans power projects including renewables, water resources, government related land use and remediation as well as traditional transportation infrastructure projects. Our team of nearly 1,000 professionals, consisting of environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, and technical specialists, collaborates closely with clients, utilizing advanced technology to deliver precise datasets and models for complex environmental and infrastructure challenges. Functioning as strategic partners, we assist clients in achieving their infrastructure and sustainability objectives. Grounded in a people-focused culture, Verdantas prioritizes the well-being of our employees, clients, and communities we serve.

About RTC Partners 

RTC Partners is a private equity firm that invests in and builds strong businesses with committed management teams in the professional, business, and healthcare services industries. The firm’s dedicated emphasis on human capital, combined with its thoughtful approach to organic and inorganic opportunities, allows organizations to unlock the next stage of growth while enabling sustainable and long-term value creation for all stakeholders. RTC is actively seeking additional platforms and add-on acquisitions in its markets. For more information,


Alyson Hanson, Vice President of Strategic Communications

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