Verdantas recently participated in groundbreaking ceremonies for the redesign of Delaware's Kent County and Sussex County Family Courthouses. Both projects are critical to match the growing demand within these Delaware communities. Verdantas is privileged to be working alongside very talented and dedicated design teams.

Senior project manager K. James Taylor, Jr., PE, attended the Kent County Family Court groundbreaking ceremony that took place on September 22, 2022.

K. James Taylor, Jr., PE shares, "It is always exciting to attend a project's groundbreaking ceremony.  After months of planning, these ceremonies represent the coming together of an expert design team and project ownership to celebrate the project's construction launch. It has been a powerful experience working alongside incredible design teams who are working to build a better tomorrow in our community.  We look forward to continuing to work with Tevebaugh Architecture and other members of the design team as these projects move from design into construction."

Verdantas provided the civil site design for both projects.

The design of the new Kent County Family Court Courthouse in Dover is like the new Sussex County facility in Georgetown as they share the same basic layout and plans for efficiency. The primary goal of the redesign for both facilities is to create a more secure and modern environment for the growing communities of Kent and Sussex County.Groundbreaking-Family-Courthouse-Design-Team

Kent Family Courthouse Groundbreaking. Pictured fourth from left is Verdantas’ Senior Project Manager, K. James Taylor, Jr., PE, along with members of the design team including THA Consulting, WSP, Tevebaugh Architecture, and CGL.


The Kent Country Family Court Courthouse will expand from a 35,000 square-foot building to 106,711 square-feet. This expansion will allow the new courthouse to address current deficiencies by enhancing holding areas to allow adequate spacing and privacy for discussions, additional courtrooms to better handle the county’s case load, and separate elevators for secure movement of staff, judicial officers, and detainees throughout the facility.

To read the full press releases on these projects, please visit: Kent County Family Court Courthouse and Sussex County Family Court Courthouse.

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