The sector focuses on the improvement of land, maintenance of real commercial and industrial properties.

DUBLIN, Ohio: As a nationally recognized expert in the redevelopment of surplus properties in the real estate space, Craig Kasper has formally taken the reins to lead the Real Estate Market Sector at Verdantas. Craig’s leadership in defining and driving the execution of Verdantas’ strategic planning for this key client sector will yield significant and sustained growth opportunities financially and for our technical professionals.

Andra Kidd, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer at Verdantas, notes, “The Real Estate Market Sector Lead was a natural fit for Craig Kasper. I have no doubt Craig will elevate our Real Estate Market Sector to the next level.”

The Real Estate Market is focused on owners or financiers of real property, including land and improvements to existing buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and utility systems. Frequently, these properties are improved, maintained, divested, acquired, remediated, and entitled. This Market Sector includes financial institutions with their own land development needs and oversight in property transactions.

Craig Kasper, Real Estate Market Sector Leader, shares, “I am eager to remain an instrumental part of the corporate development process and to further grow our Real Estate Market Sector. As this market sector lead, I will be able to mentor our client managers on deepening client relationships. The Real Estate Market Sector is a passion of mine and I look forward to making a positive impact with our great team and valued clients.”

Craig will remain critical to Verdantas’ corporate development sales program management, and overall strategic leadership of the firm where he brings his unique level of energy and knowledge to employees and clients.

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