Congratulations to Eolian, L.P., on the recent Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) approval of the Flint Grid Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Project, the first standalone BESS approved by OPSB.

Located in the vicinity of New Albany, Ohio, the 200 MW, four-hour (800 MWh) project will bring construction jobs and revenue to the area and increase revenue through annual property tax or PILOT agreement payments to the local taxing jurisdictions. This location was chosen because of its ability to provide modern, fast-responding reliability and grid-balancing solutions to the data centers served by the interconnection point at Jug Street Substation.

Once operational, the project will store electricity during times of oversupply to provide power during times of peak demand, thereby providing the ability to optimize the use of nearby intermittent renewable energy resources, such as the Harvey Solar Project which was also approved by the OPSB on the same day. And with an ability to respond to grid signals and provide full output with virtually immediate response, the facility will also be able to provide critical response and reliability market products to keep the grid in balance throughout all hours of the day or night.

Verdantas is pleased to be part of the project team, assisting Eolian with its energy efforts in Ohio

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