Verdantas Joins CREW Network’s CRE Pledge for Action to Advance Women and DEI in Commercial Real Estate

Inclusivity is a pillar of Verdantas’ Core Values. Pledging to take action to help advance women and DEI in one of the company’s most revered markets was an easy decision for CEO, Gerry Salontai, to make.

Dublin, OH, USA (March 31, 2022)—Verdantas LLC (Verdantas) has joined CREW Network’s CRE Pledge for Action, an industry-first, CEO-driven initiative to advance women and elevate actions that encourage greater diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the commercial real estate industry. By signing on, Gerry Salontai, CEO of Verdantas, pledges to take action and be held accountable for implementing initiatives that advance women and DEI. Mr. Salontai joins more than 17 CEOs from leading commercial real estate (CRE) industry companies that have already made the commitment.

“I am inspired by the mission of CREW - to advance women and diversity in the commercial real estate profession. This fits perfectly with the Verdantas commitment to lead diversity, equity and inclusion in our profession, one that is focused in the broader real estate market. A more diverse and inclusive company is a better one.”, said Gerry Salontai , CEO Verdantas.

“The CREW Network CRE Pledge for Action is a relevant, meaningful and actionable initiative that aligns well with the significant transformation currently underway globally,” said Wendy Mann, CREW Network CEO. “CEOs from leading commercial real estate companies understand they must be proactive and quickly act to address this fundamental issue in the workplace. CREW Network applauds Verdantas for joining us, and we encourage and urge more firms across the CRE industry to be a part of this ground-breaking initiative.”

Cara Henegar, a Senior Project Manager of Verdantas and President Elect of CREW Greater Cincinnati, shares, “CREW Network exists to transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. We believe diverse voices enrich our business connections and drive innovation. As the President Elect of CREW Greater Cincinnati, I am part of an incredible organization of focused, ambitious, and influential women working together to lift each other up as we rise in our careers.” 


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Video: Cara Henegar, Verdantas Senior Project Manager speaks about CREW's Mission

A growing body of research reveals that stronger business outcomes directly correlate with diverse teams and inclusive workplaces. However, commercial real estate, an industry serving many diverse populations, has a workforce that remains predominately male and white. According to CREW Network, the leading producer of research on gender and diversity in commercial real estate, very little progress has been made in the last five years.

CREW Network is asking pledge signatories to take action, and in turn, improve performance, drive growth, and enhance employee engagement. The pledge supports the advancement of women and other individuals in underrepresented groups including but not limited to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and age.

“We proudly stand behind CREW’s mission in advancing women into leadership globally. At Verdantas we understand the innovation and power of having a diverse and inclusive company, which is why CREW’s mission perfectly aligns with ours!”, states Cam Morse, DEI Lead of Verdantas.

Verdantas has committed to adopt the following six goals:

  1. Partner with CREW Network to support its mission to transform the industry by advancing women and begin your efforts now to make change.
  2. Close the compensation gap in the CRE industry by conducting a pay equity study in its company.
  3. Increase inclusion in its company through senior executive sponsorship of women and/or other individuals in underrepresented groups within the company.
  4. Advance women to its company’s top roles to achieve gender diversity in leadership.
  5. Increase diversity in its company and in the industry through intentional recruiting and hiring of individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  6. Implement accountability strategies in its company to measure progress.

The CREW Pledge for Action is a step toward advancing women and DEI in the commercial real estate industry. For more information, visit the pledge landing page at

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CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Network is the premier business network dedicated to transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. CREW Network members comprise nearly 12,000 professionals in 76+ markets worldwide and represent all disciplines of commercial real estate. Learn more at

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