Andra Kidd expands her executive role to lead the overall company strategy as the new Verdantas Chief Growth and Strategy Officer.

Jesse Kropelnicki added as Chief Operating Officer to build on the momentum created by Verdantas' unique People-First culture.

Dublin, Ohio: Verdantas enables greater leadership focus with the addition of long-time industry leader Jesse Kropelnicki as Chief Operating Officer and moving Andra Kidd (former COO) up to take on a larger role in leading the company's overall strategy as the Verdantas Chief Growth and Strategy Officer (CGSO).

"Refining our leadership's focus will ensure our continued success across all facets of Verdantas to enable continued investments in those elements closely tied to employee opportunities," said Gerry Salontai, CEO.

Andra Kidd will move up to the position of Chief Growth and Strategy Officer (CGSO), where she will take a larger role in defining and leading the overall company strategy, with a focus on accelerating organic growth through Verdantas' Market Sector, Key/Focus Client program and Practice Groups, while complementing the staff through targeted acquisitive growth. She will also be an integral leader in leadership development programs that will help us grow and maintain Verdantas' People-First culture.

Jesse Kropelnicki joins Verdantas as Chief Operating Officer (COO), bringing a remarkable history of building high-performing organizations and championing crucial employee growth and development initiatives. Jesse activates the capacity to deliver on elements related to growing opportunities for employees for collaboration across geographies and disciplines and furthering our ability to align our operational approach across all Areas.

Jesse Kropelnicki, COO of Verdantas, added, "At my core, I am a people coach passionate about working with teams to create connectivity and support staff to be successful in their endeavors. The people-first culture that Verdantas has couldn't be a better fit and will enable me to bring my unique and diverse experiences to our staff and clients."

Our success is rooted in profitable organic growth, the engine that will power Verdantas to move quickly on those initiatives and programs that demonstrate the unique value to our employees, clients, and communities. This growth will also unleash many opportunities to drive collaboration, engagement, and career advancement opportunities.

Andra Kidd, CGSO of Verdantas, commented on her new role, "Verdantas has amazing talent already, and I'm excited to take on this new role and continue to evolve and shape our organic and inorganic growth strategies in the environmental and engineering fields by implementing an organized approach to growing our markets, clients, and cross-selling revenue opportunities and building out our team. The focus afforded with this expansion of our leadership team will result in an increased pace of both inorganic and organic growth and further both technical and leadership opportunities for our people."

About Verdantas

Verdantas currently employs over 450 people located in 26 offices across the US and is home to many of the industry's top scientists, engineers, and technical experts. Verdantas operates a people-first culture, concentrating on the well-being of its employees, clients, and the communities where they live and work. The company is actively hiring across all disciplines and seeking additional companies with a strategic and cultural fit.

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