Last week, several Verdantas team members were invited to speak to an EPRI user group for CCP landfills.

John Hull, Ariya Fathi and Bill Petruzzi presented on the topic of Liquid Management Considerations for CCP Harvesting/Beneficial Use projects. This subject has significant interest to electric utility providers, material brokers and other stakeholders as they assess potential harvesting CCP for beneficial use projects.

Coal combustion products, or CCP, are the inorganic residues that remain after pulverized coal is burned. CCP is fly ash, bottom ash (boiler slag), and flue-gas desulfurization gypsum.

CCP harvesting and beneficial use projects are very sustainable, as they move the end point of the CCP’s lifecycle away from final disposal in a landfill to productive use in a beneficial use application after harvesting (usually as a construction material) thus conserving resources, reducing risk/liability and reducing CO2 emissions. 

Verdantas is also leading a task group to develop a new ASTM Coal Ash Standard for Beneficial Use. 

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