Cara Henegar

Cara Henegar

VP, Project Delivery Leader

Cara’s progression from Engineer to Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Department Leader, and finally to National Project Delivery Leader has equipped her with a comprehensive view of the opportunities and challenges that define our industry, each role serving as a steppingstone in her evolution into a dynamic and adaptable leader.

Throughout her career, Cara has been steadfast in her commitment to sustainable engineering. Her technical work has focused on leveraging sustainable engineering and remediation practices to ensure a healthier, more environmentally responsible future. Cara firmly believes technology serves as a cornerstone in effective project management. By incorporating innovative tools and systems into workflows, outcomes are optimized, teams operate more efficiently, and Verdantas remains at the forefront of our industry. 

In her role as the National Project Delivery Leader, Cara directs her focus towards the continuous improvement of project management processes. Her goals are to ensure Verdantas’ practices remain agile and adaptable, facilitate the seamless integration of new team members during a period of rapid acquisitional growth, boost profitability, and continue cultivating a people-focused culture. At the heart of Cara’s leadership philosophy lies a deep commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture where individuals are empowered to grow, innovate, and thrive. 

Cara worked closely alongside Jesse Kropelnicki, Verdantas CEO, to create and successfully launch the Project Delivery Support Organization. This important initiative not only streamlined Verdantas’ operations but also bolstered project profitability while mitigating overall risk. Importantly, it fosters a culture where project managers receive enhanced support through the provision of essential tools, guidance, and resources. Cara worked with team members across the organization to develop and launch an internal project management training program, ensuring that project managers are well-equipped to understand and fulfill their roles in achieving strategic objectives.
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