Jesse Kropelnicki, P.E., COO, Verdantas

Jesse Kropelnicki, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Kropelnicki's career trajectory is a testament to his dynamic, coaching based leadership style, technical acumen, and forward-thinking approach. Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Verdantas, a private equity-backed sustainable engineering and environmental services firm, Jesse drives the vision and follow-thru for a 900-person strong workforce spread across the U.S. Verdantas is recognized for its deep-rooted culture of support, collaboration and innovation, and under Jesse's direction, it is further poised to harness digital integration, amplifying its value proposition in sustainable engineering and environmental service space.

Before taking the lead role at Verdantas, Jesse showcased his operational strength as the company's COO. He was at the center of a robust expansion, more than doubling the staff strength in a single year, while reinforcing profitability and staff morale. Such extensive operational transformations were not new to Jesse. At WSP USA, he wore multiple hats – from leading their US Power market operations across diverse energy sectors to managing business operations for the entire New England district, a portfolio worth $120 million across over 6 markets.

However, Jesse's historical career impact hasn’t just been confined to the corporate sector. He founded QT2 Systems, LLC, and under his guidance, it burgeoned into a world-renowned endurance sports coaching entity, engaging over 80 professionals across the U.S. A world class IRONMAN coach himself, Jesse has worked with over a dozen IRONMAN champions to produce over 30 IRONMAN wins, underscoring his analytical approach and deep-seated athlete-coach relationships. His thought leadership in the related domain of sports nutrition is encapsulated in his book, "The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook," published by Random House in 2017. He also, over the period of about 10 years, taught on topics of nutrition, psychology, sport mechanics, and physiology for the national federation of triathlon in the US – an experience which gained him recognition as a thought leader, and taught him how to engage large audiences of people in engaging ways.

Before his entrepreneurial stint, Jesse had a distinguished tenure at WSP USA, starting as a Structural Engineer. Here, he handled significant hydropower projects, including the Greenland Power Project Feasibility Study, a mammoth 650 MW power project postulated for the western coast of Greenland. His responsibilities spanned across conceptual design, engineering field studies, and strategic coordination.

A constant through Jesse's varied roles has been his focus on people, whether fostering a collaborative work environment at Verdantas, or building close ties with world-class athletes. His ability to blend technical expertise with genuine leadership makes him an esteemed figure in both the sustainable engineering and athletic coaching professional service fields.

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