The Peer Engagement Collaborative is a group of employees selected to interact in a safe space directly with senior leadership to explore topics relevant to all Verdantas teammates.

The group was stood up with a mission to increase employee collaboration and promote engagement within all levels across the company.

Members champion their constructive feedback with an Executive Leadership Sponsor to provide diverse and unfiltered input on topics that can range from strategic planning, company programs and initiatives, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), employee reactions, communications, and messaging.

  • The Peer Engagement Collaborative will take our company to the next level and will give us unfiltered feedback within the organization to bounce ideas and engage with the broader organization

    April Kozubal SVP Human Resources

  • This group will find ways to make us feel connected across the organization

    Jim Blackwell Project Manager, New Hampshire

  • Success of this group will mean there is no level of uncertainty between employees and upper management

    Meredith Shaw Structural Engineer I, Colorado